Ship Owning/Projects

HAV Bulk AS (HB) manages ship owning & project services for the HAV Group and its partners. It aims to become a leading player in the European mini-bulk and MPP market.

HAV Bulk has successfully established several projects and ship owning companies in which external investors have been able to enter the shipping field without specialized knowledge and with limited capital investments. It offers ownership and investment in single and multiple ship projects, as well as shipping funds.

HAV Bulk undertakes the full scope of services required by ship-owners and investors, from financing, contract negotiation and risk assessment to accounting and auditing and management of the board and owners.

The HAV fleet consists of modern shallow drafted sea/river tonnage with single box holds and low air draft. It is a mixture of fully- and part-owned “sister ships” supplemented by bareboat and time charters. More information on the HAV Group fleet here.

In addition to its ship ownership and financing knowledge, HAV Bulk has access to expertise within technical management, chartering and crewing, through its incorporation in the HAV Group. More information on the HAV Group here.